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Thursday, September 9, 2010

An inspiring little girl...

First and foremost... CONGRATS to Hannah Wright, my dressing room pal, for placing 2nd runner up at the National Sweetheart pageant!!!! Love her!

I apologize for my dwindling blog posts... it is busy tax season once again (corporate returns due 9/15) and I have been working 13 hour!!! However... I am still finding time to volunteer!!! This past week I organized a dinner to be made for the Ronald McDonald house for the 1st year class at PwC (that includes me... I am no longer an intern!!!!). As always, it was a blast and a really great way to get to know my new co-workers. After we cooked for approximately 45 people, I had my first tour of the Ronald McDonald House! I don't know how I volunteer there so much and have never gotten the tour. It was more than a house... it was a home. Each room had individual touches to make the visitors feel more comfortable. There were multiple family type rooms, board games, and much more to keep everyone in a positive mind set. It really blew me away how much detail and time was spent making the facility into a warm environment.

Can you find Ronald?

This Saturday, I hosted the Teen Miss Finger Lakes Pageant! I was joined by my pageant pal, Vicky Ripple! Thank you so much for helping us out! The day was really fun, esp since a lot of the girls competing also competed for the Miss Colonial Days title and I was able to see their improvement already! Although all of the girls did great, one of the new titleholders really stuck out in my mind. Lauren Randall, the new Little Miss Finger Lakes, competed for Miss Little Colonial Days this past summer. Her sister, Maryn, also competed. While both young ladies did a phenomenal job, Maryn took home the title. When this happened, I must say that I got a bit nervous wondering how Lauren was going to take the news of her sister winning. I have never seen such grace and sincere pride between sisters. Lauren was so happy for Maryn and held her head high. I must say that I grinned when I looked down at my index card that was handed to me by the auditor when it said that Lauren had taken the title, she is extremely deserving and I could not be more proud of her!

Lauren when her name was called :)

Things start to get a bit crazy soon, I leave for Pittsburgh on Tuesday and will be there for two weeks. I will return to Rochester for a few weeks then will be off to California for two weeks (work not play :( ) I will sure to keep you posted on any events coming up!

Move it and Lose it Challenge #6: I challenge you to not eat two hours before you go to sleep! While you are sleeping, your metabolism slows down quite a bit, so if you absolutely have to eat before you go to bed, try something light like watermelon :)