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Sunday, November 21, 2010

As Promised

Okay so this post really isn't as promised because I promised for Saturday, not Sunday... but it's pretty close. I think you will forgive me when you hear my most recentAdd Image fiasco.

Bed bugs are a growing epidemic in New York State. They have been all over the news for the New York City infestation, but not so much in Upstate NY. Well I must have been the lucky person because two weeks ago, I discovered one in my apartment. A common misconception is that you get bed bugs from being messy, however when they were discovered in my spotless apartment I did some research and found out that it has nothing to do with how clean you are. The way that most people get them is by traveling (which is how I most likely got them), they like to cling onto your suitcase. They are a very expensive and time consuming pest to get rid of. For example, I paid the exterminator over $700 and had to wash everything I own (23 loads of laundry). So, here are just a few helpful traveling tips so you don't wind up like me.

  • Never leave your suitcase on the floor (use the provided suitcase rack)
  • Make sure your suitcase is zipped up at all times.

  • Don't throw your clothing on the floor, if you put it in the drawers make sure you put your dirty clothes right back into your zipped suitcase.

  • Inspect the bed when you get there. Leave the lights off and use a small flashlight to look in the box spring and the seams of the mattress. The bugs are very small but you can see them.

  • Check out to see if they have been reported at the hotel you are staying at.

  • When you return home, vacuum your suitcase before bringing it inside (you must change the vacuum bag when finished because they can live in the bag).

Okay now that I freaked everyone out, I have had time for some other fun things in the past two weeks other than bed bugs. Stacey Minchin, Miss New York International, and I teamed up to make some appearances!

First, we helped out at the Meals on Wheels pancake breakfast. Our job was to be waitresses and Stacey did a good job... me on the other hand, I tried my best :) The turn out was awesome and we had such a great time working together that we figured we would do it again the next week.

Our next event together was the inaugural Veterans Day Walk/Run. I think we were the only two that decided to walk haha, but hey, we crossed the finish line still standing!

Our next event together will be on Sunday at the Corning Parade of Lights!

P.S. If anyone is serious about going to watch Stacey in Chicago this July as she competes for Miss International, please let me know. My mom and I will be scheduling our flights/hotel in the upcoming weeks!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On the hunt...

... for Miss Finger Lakes 2011! The Miss Finger Lakes Organization has announced this year's pageant to be held on February 26th 2011. The pageant will be hosted by our very own Miss NY International, Stacey Minchin! If you are interested in competing, let me know and I will make sure to get you all of the paperwork.

Now that I am finally done traveling for awhile and am all settled in, it was time to fill up my calendar. Here's what is in the month ahead...

November 4th - Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House
November 7th - Showing off my Pancake Flipping skills at a CMN Breakfast fundraiser. *9:00-12:30 at the First United Methodist Church on Cedar St in Corning -- Stop by!*
November 14 - Inaugural Veterans Day 5K Run/Walk hosted by Elmira College
November 20 - CPA Exam :(
November 27 - Corning Parade of Lights