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Friday, August 27, 2010

This Just In.....

PASSED MY FIRST CPA EXAM WITH AN 84!!!!!!!!!! One down, three to go!!!

Ahh so excited right now that I figured I would let you all know what I have been up to. Life has been crazy hectic. I am currently studying for the next section of my CPA, working, moving (which has been quite the disaster), and of course, representing the Finger Lakes Region :)

Last week, Stacey Minchin and I volunteered at the CMN Golf Tournament held at the country club. Our job was to see if anyone made a hole in one and if they did the would win a new jeep! Well, that Jeep is back on the lot because no one got a hole in one, but hey, we saw some pretty awesome shots! After the tournament there was a fundraiser dinner that we attended. We also had a pretty fun photo shoot in the rain on one of the greens, compliments of my dad! I will post some pictures on here and the remainder of the pictures on facebook once I find my camera cord that is somewhere between my new apartment and my old apartment.

This week was also my last Get in the Game Monday :( Surprise surprise, it was raining all day so we couldn't go outside. But, we took advantage of the youth center and tried to stay away from the video games! A big thank you to the Youth Center for allowing me to come and volunteer! It was been a great couple of months :)

The week ahead:

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House on Thursday!

Move it and Lose it Challenge #5: Break up your meals into smaller meals throughout the day. Currently, I eat 5 small meals everyday instead of 3 big meals. This allows your metabolism to work constantly and at an even pace instead of trying to break down huge amounts of food.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Move it and Lose it Challenge #4

I was so caught up in the commotion of this week that I forgot to give you your next Move it and Lose it Challenge!

I Challenge you to eat breakfast! It's as simple as that! A lot of people are under the misconception that eat more = gain more. However, a healthy breakfast has quite the opposite effect. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going early, which means you will be burning more calories throughout the day (not to mention that you will most likely be taking in more vitamins and minerals)! So instead of waiting til 11 to jump start your metabolism, eat breakfast and start it at 8!

Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic for more breakfast tips!

Until next time :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Different Perspective

This weekend was the Miss Thousand Islands pageant, it was the first time in five years that I was not looking down at the audience.This time, instead, I was looking up at the girls. I am not going to lie, this was very difficult for me. The volunteers of the Miss Thousand Islands Organization have become family to me and their pageant is always one that I look forward to.

SO the results!

Community Service - Victoria Ripple

Congeniality - Corri Dartnell

CMN Award - Alli Sun

3rd RU - Abagail Turner

2nd RU - Angela Galasso

1st RU - Corri Dartnell

Miss TI 2010.....

With Miss TI 2010, Morgan Bocciolatt

MORGAN BOCCIOLATT! P.S. Morgan, I am sorry my camera messed up so I didn't get your crowning moment. My dad is going to try to see if he can recover it off my camera for you :( Congratulations sweetie, so proud of you! Enjoy your year!!!

Corri and I

This was also a special day for Corri Dartnell, who has been competing with the Miss America Organization since the age of 17 and was Miss Thousand Islands 2008. Saturday was Corri's last MAO local pageant and I am so proud of her. I have had the opportunity to watch her grow through this organization and I am so thankful to be able to call her my friend.

Miss NYOT, Allison Stroming, Miss NY, Claire Buffie, and myself

When I returned home it was time for another Get in the Game Monday! We had a really fun day and a record amount of kids!

The week ahead:


Sunday: Volunteering at the CMN Golf Tournament at the Corning Country Club

Monday: Get in the Game

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Kick it to Amy...She can't throw it"

The EXACT words of the boys on the opposing team of Kickball today during a Get in the Game Activity.... HARSH (although, sadly true)!! I am more than half way through my Get in the Game summer program and I must say, I am having a blast with it. I cannot determine for certain that the kids are participating in the different activities because they want to or because they earn points for a Sea Breeze trip with their activity hours... I am going to have to say it's a bit of both :)

Taking a step back now to Thursday! Thursday was a LOOONG day for me. It started at 5:45 (yes a.m.) when I got out of bed so that I could get into the office early. Getting in early = Getting out early. At 4:30, I kicked off my heels and slid on the flip flops as I got into my car for a very familiar drive. For anyone that does not know, I live in Rochester... I could easily do community service here, but I wanted to make sure this year that I am representing the area that believed in me and named me as its title holder. So every weekend I drive one hour and forty-seven minutes to the Finger Lakes! When I arrived I found myself surrounded by a bunch of cars, people, and vendors.. that's right.. RACE FEVER! At the event, I sold tickets to help support Meals on Wheels! Each ticket purchased bought you a duck. Yeap, that is right, a duck. It wasn't real of course, although that would have been AWESOME (I used to have three ducks.. Huey, Duey, and Louie... Duey got hit by a car, it was traumatizing). At the end of Race Fever, all of the ducks were thrown into the river, like so....

... and the person's duck that made it to the finish line first won a trip to Hawaii! Unfortunately, my duck must have got lost on the 50 foot path the finish because I never received that phone call welcoming me aboard to the Aloha State. :( oh well.

I was quite the Salesperson :)

Friday morning I woke up and drove back to Rochester for the PwC picnic, which was followed by the Park Ave Arts Festival on Saturday. What did I do on Sunday morning you ask? I got back in the car and drove to Elmira, NY! It was time for another Wal Mart fundraiser. This was my first time doing a fund raiser at this particular Wal Mart. Unfortunately, I was double booked with another organization, so I was a little nervous of how the day would turn out, but my two little helpers seemed to win over the customers! In total, we raised $172 in four hours! A big thank you Walmart, Jaida, Mini Miss Colonial Days 2010 and Nayanna, Mini Miss Congeniality 2010.

The week ahead:

Saturday: Miss Thousand Islands 2011 Pageant!!
Monday: Get in the Game Monday at Family Services

Move it and Lose it Challenge #3: Pre-package your daily snacks! I have often fallen victim to the vending machine. On Thursday, I took an inventory of it (aka checked out the snacks) to see if there was anything healthy in there. Surprise surprise, there wasn't. Before you go to sleep, pre-package any grapes, granola bars, yogurt, strawberries, etc. that you will need to quench your hunger for the following day. That way you will be less likely to be searching for that 75 cents and more likely to fit into those goal jeans that you have been saving!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Learn and Burn!

Tomorrow is big day 1 out of 4 (I hope only 4)!! I have been studying since May for the Regulation section of the CPA exam. I have been on the edge the last few weeks because I have been impatiently waiting for my NTS, which allows me to schedule my exam. It is supposed to take 6 weeks... mine took 8. I FINALLY received it on Friday and was able to schedule my exam for tomorrow. So, unfortunately, I had to cancel Get in the Game Monday.

I have been studying non stop for the past 48 hours and finally decided at 8:47 p.m. that it was time to call it quits. I cannot possibly cram anything else into my brain. So tonight, I am going to paint my toes, eat some strawberries, watch Licensed to Wed, and give you some fun info on being healthy that I learned in the PwC monthly newsletter!

Since I am a numbers person, I like to know the how many calories you burn for each activity that you partake in. Here are the facts...

If you....Then you Burn
Play with your dog... 75 Calories/Hour
Take a Walk in the park... 115 Calories/Hour
Weed the Garden... 230 Calories/Hour
Play Golf (with a cart!)... 250 Calories/Hour
Play Softball... 260 Calories/Hour
Play Doubles Tennis... 350 Calories/Hour
Exercise using an elliptical... 850 Calories/Hour

So, like I said last week, I am not getting a gym membership until I am finished with my exams, so until then, I can use some of the things on the list above to make sure that I am staying in good physical shape!

Alright I hope everyone took on the Move it and Lose it challenge last week by parking in the back of parking lot, but it is time for a new challenge!

Move it and Lose it Challenge #2: Take the stairs! I know how tempting it is to take the elevator, trust me, there is one in my parking garage and I park on the top floor. But taking the stairs, esp in the morning, is a good way to get your heart pumping early!