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Friday, August 27, 2010

This Just In.....

PASSED MY FIRST CPA EXAM WITH AN 84!!!!!!!!!! One down, three to go!!!

Ahh so excited right now that I figured I would let you all know what I have been up to. Life has been crazy hectic. I am currently studying for the next section of my CPA, working, moving (which has been quite the disaster), and of course, representing the Finger Lakes Region :)

Last week, Stacey Minchin and I volunteered at the CMN Golf Tournament held at the country club. Our job was to see if anyone made a hole in one and if they did the would win a new jeep! Well, that Jeep is back on the lot because no one got a hole in one, but hey, we saw some pretty awesome shots! After the tournament there was a fundraiser dinner that we attended. We also had a pretty fun photo shoot in the rain on one of the greens, compliments of my dad! I will post some pictures on here and the remainder of the pictures on facebook once I find my camera cord that is somewhere between my new apartment and my old apartment.

This week was also my last Get in the Game Monday :( Surprise surprise, it was raining all day so we couldn't go outside. But, we took advantage of the youth center and tried to stay away from the video games! A big thank you to the Youth Center for allowing me to come and volunteer! It was been a great couple of months :)

The week ahead:

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House on Thursday!

Move it and Lose it Challenge #5: Break up your meals into smaller meals throughout the day. Currently, I eat 5 small meals everyday instead of 3 big meals. This allows your metabolism to work constantly and at an even pace instead of trying to break down huge amounts of food.

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