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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Would You Like Fries With That?

I remember one day after swim practice (I was probably about 10 years old) I asked my mom if we could stop at McDonald's to get a Happy Meal. I was so excited when she agreed to take us! When we got home, I ripped open the bag to see my newest toy! It wasn't in there. I think I was more upset about the toy than I would have been if I had not received the hamburger. My point? Half of the reason why kids ask to get fast food is because they know that they will be getting a toy. It isn't about the's about the fun. I just watched a yahoo video that stated a County in California will be banning kids toys in all fast food restaurants in 90 days. My reaction? HIGH FIVE!!

Statistics show that 25% of children in this particular county are overweight. If you want to buy your children a toy, then buy them a toy! Don't buy them an unhealthy meal just so they can get the toy. Hopefully, once the children no longer associate fast food restaurants with gifts, then they will not be so apt to beg their parents for it. Now I am not saying that kids don't deserve a toy every once in awhile, but it is just as easy to go to Wal Mart and buy a matchbox car and then enjoy a nice HEALTHY dinner at home with the family. Way to go California!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The String of Emotions

You would have thought I was getting married, won a billion dollars, and found a cure for cancer.. I was that excited. Kieren and I spent the night at the Holiday Inn and had to wake up at 6 a.m. to start the day. Now, most people would roll out of bed slowly, then stumble to the bathroom, and find some sort of caffeinated beverage. Not me! Alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and what do I do? Jump on the bed!! Kieren thought I was crazy, but she did capture the moment on film! I am sure the photos will be arriving on facebook any day now.

So after the initial excitement, the next phase of emotion struck me. Nervousness. The next part of my morning I spent getting sick. Now maybe it was in combination with being dizzy from jumping on the bed, but I blame it on the nerves!

When we arrived at SUNY Albany, I was right back to excitement! Meeting all of the girls was so fun, everyone is so friendly and I can't wait to spend the week with everyone in June! We started the workshop with talent...and let me tell you, everyone is SO gifted. It is going to be such an awesome show to watch! I was given some really great feedback and now I know exactly what I need to work on to be ready for June.

After talent we were in strict learning mode from then on out. My emotion then? Overwhelmed! Now if you know me at all, you would know that am...well how do I say this is in a good way.. a HORRIBLE DANCER! Kent kicked my butt as we tried to learn the opening number dance. All I can say is good thing that I have two months to practice it! We also got to watch a Miss America Interview and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was extremely helpful. We learned about really getting our personality to shine through and directing the interview to what we want to talk about.

The final emotion of the day... exhaustion. I had a four hour drive back to Geneseo that night so that I could just wake up the next morning at 7 to get a paper written by 3.

Best Weekend Ever. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LONG OVERDUE Crowning Moments!

Okay, so here's the deal... my video camera decided that it only wanted to work in 30 second intervals so I only have 30 seconds of each girl's crowning moment from the NYC pageants last month. Claire, I am so sorry but something went wrong with yours and I only got about 7 random seconds of video, but I posted it anyway. I apologize that this took me so long... but clearly, my camera has issues!

Miss Greater Gotham - Amanda Mason

Miss Metropolitan - Hannah Wright

Miss Manhattan - Jackie Holmes

Miss Southeast NY - Claire Buffie

Miss Liberty - Cassie Franklin

Miss Greater NYC - Keelie Sheridan

Monday, April 19, 2010

12 Cents... My biggest Donation

So the weekend started on Friday when I spent the day at the Arnot Ogden Hospital volunteering with CMN. I put my stalker skills to good use by looking up phone numbers for possible donors on the Internet! The next day my mom and I traveled out to Watertown to A Touch of Grace... I got my evening gown for Miss NY!!! This day was doubly special because I got to spend it with my pageant loves, Corri Dartnell and Kristen Lettire. Kathy Lettire, Kristen's mom and owner of A Touch of Grace, really has an eye for dresses. She told me a week before I arrived which dress I would be taking home and sure enough... I walked out of the store with it!

On Sunday, Desiree Miller, Miss Teen Finger Lakes 2010, and I bundled up to collect donations for the Children's Miracle Network outside of Wal Mart. Now when I say bundled... I mean it. I had 3 pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, 5 shirts, two scarves, two pairs of gloves, a long wool coat, winter boots, a blanket, and of course.. a crown on! We were outside from 9-4 and it was freezing, but well worth it!! At the end of the day, we raised $260 for CMN!

Desiree Miller, Miss Teen Finger Lakes, and I collecting donations outside of Walmart

So I am sure you are wondering... how did they raise that much money if 12 cents was their biggest donation!?! . Two women in their mid-forties were walking out of the store when I asked them if they wanted to donate to the CMN. They said no and proceeded to walk away. The women were accompanied by a boy that was no more than 5 years old. He turned to me, pulled 12 cents out of his pocket (everything that was in there), and proceeded to put the change into my bin. He then looked at his mother and said "I helped children mom!". Okay so in all actuality, this was probably the smallest donation in size, but it was the one with the biggest heart. That little boy alone made sitting outside all day in the cold absolutely worth it. :)

With Isaiah, who was born prematurely, weighing only two pounds. He is now ready to live a healthy life because of the help he received from the Children's Miracle Network!!

** Photos taken by Paul Smith, my brother-in-law :)**

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My FAVORITE day of the year!!

Happy April 15th everyone!! Today is the last possible day for you to file your tax return (unless you filed for an extension, which of course means more work for me)! In celebration of tax day, a lot of businesses are offering free goodies! This year has been economically difficult for not only individuals, but for businesses as well. This is their way of saying thank you for supporting them and ultimately keeping them in business as our country is slowing reviving itself.

In support of Tax Day, PricewaterhouseCoopers is giving me Friday off!! This means that I can go home to Corning and hopefully spend the day at the Children's Miracle Network. This weekend is full of fun festivities including dress shopping in Watertown and Fundraising for CMN at Wal-Mart!!! Stay tuned for an update on how much money I was able to raise!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Final Two...

Well yet again, another fun day of pageantry! Mom and I headed out to Rochester this afternoon where we met a huge cheering section of pageant friends to root on the thirteen girls fighting for the final two crowns. As always, the Miss Greater Rochester team put on an awesome production. I think we all need to thank Calista and Melanie for giving TWO upstate girls a chance to compete at Miss NY this June. It is because of volunteers like you that this organization is so successful.

On to the results!! Congratulations to Charlotte Boothe, 3rd RU; Lorna Rose, 2nd RU, Jennifer Starkey 1st RU. Erin Murphey won both the Miss Congeniality award and the Inspiration award. Congratulations to all of the girls who competed today.. You were all phenomenal!
As I promised to Keelie Sheridan, here is the video of the crowning moment!!!

Me, Charlotte Boothe, Jennifer Starkey, Chelsea Prophet, Katie Martin, Lorna Rose, Kieren Sheridan (roomie!!)

**Photo stolen from Charlotte Boothe's Facebook :)**


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's that time of year..

It's time to start getting ready for the Corporate Challenge!!! The Corporate Challenge is a 5K that is a yearly event and is held in various places all over the country. Last year was my very first time racing and it was such a blast. The way it works is that you sign up with your company and you are all considered to be a team, meaning that your times will be added together for your composite score. Last year, my company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, was in the top 5 (this had nothing to do with my time haha we just have some very awesome runners)!!

The entry fee is 30 and most of the money is donated to non-profit organization. The race is held....
  • June 3rd at the Rochester Institute of Technology for those in the Rochester area who want to run with me!
  • June 16-17 in Central Park for all you lucky NYC people
  • June 10th at Delaware Park for those of you who are still freezing in Buffalo
So talk to your employer today and get signed up for the Corporate Challenge! (It's a great way to get in shape for swim suit!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Could Be!

I wanted to take some time and make everyone aware of a wonderful organization that I am a part of that you can be a part of too! I Could Be is an online mentoring organization for students. It is sooo easy to be a mentor. All you have to do is go to the web site and click the "get involved" button and fill out the necessary paperwork. The organization asks for a $5 dollar donation to cover the costs of your background check.

I have gotten to help so many amazing students through this organization. For example, one student is aspiring to be a contractor, so I recommended that he look into the Habitat for Humanity program. He is now actively involved! Most of the questions that you will receive from students will involve college choices, activity opportunities, and life experiences. You also are able to view all of their homework assignments and give them positive and constructive feedback to help them through their schooling.

I cannot stress enough the importance of being an I Could Be mentor!! You can make a difference!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Lovin It!

One of my favorite places to volunteer at is the Ronald McDonald House. This time was extra special because I was able to volunteer as Miss Finger Lakes! The Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization that provides food and housing for families that have children fighting diseases. They are so blessed to be apart of the Ronald McDonald family because without this wonderful organization, many of these families would not be able to afford to drive back and forth from the hospital or to pay for hotels and food. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that I work for, sends a group of people to volunteer once a month. Today was my third time volunteering and I must say, my cooking skills are improving!

Me cooking candy carrots in the spirit of Easter!
Today, we had a bit of extra help in the kitchen! Joshua is just five years old and let me tell you he is an excellent cook (really... he told me how to cook those carrots because I had no idea)!! Joshua's family are regulars at the Ronald McDonald House because they are waiting for a lung donor so that Joshua can lead a more normal life. Joshua and his mother are extremely high in spirit and it was so great to have a chance to talk with them today.

Joshua teaching me how to make the carrots :)

Job Well Done!!!!
As we were rapping up at the Ronald McDonald House, I ran into the girl scouts of Western NY who were just arriving. I was given the opportunity to speak with them and thank them for their service to the community. It is so wonderful to see young people volunteering, especially since that is part of my own personal platform issue! We all agreed that we wanted to do an event together, so that will be coming up in the near future!! Stay tuned :)