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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kieren Sheridan --The New Miss Mohawk Valley!!!!!

Stacey Minchin and I started our three hour journey to Ilion ( we thought it was Llion... which caused a bit of confusion) in the early afternoon yesterday. We arrived a few hours early so that we could enjoy dinner with our friends from the Thousand Islands. If you are ever in Ilion, I highly recommend you have dinner at Sorrento's, it was delicious!

Stacey Minchin and I waiting for Miss Mohawk Valley to begin!

After dinner it was time for the show! What an amazing pageant! I have never gone to see Miss Mohawk Valley before, but I must say, it is going to turn into an annual event. It is such a different perspective to be sitting in the audience rather than being on the stage. I loved every minute of it. The talent at this pageant really blew me away. There was such a variety and everyone was phenomenal.

The best part of the entire night was when all of the girls came out dancing, truly just being themselves. This was so awesome to watch because it is how the girls were probably acting all day while getting ready for the pageant. I caught some of it on tape for you to enjoy as well!

The court consisted of Colleen Gagne, 1st runner up, Danielle Trumbell, 2nd runner up, Lauren Crandall, 3rd runner up, Jennifer Wolf, 4th runner up. You were all amazing, congratulations! There was only one name left to call and the crowd was getting excited. When the winner was announced.... well, watch for yourself!
p.s. its a little shaky... i may have been jumping up and down with excitement for my girl!

A huge congratulations to Kieren, who was not only named Miss Mohawk Valley, but also won the Community Service award and Miss Congeniality!

Soon to be roomies at Miss New York!!

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