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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bring on the Road Trips!

My journey to NYC this weekend started pretty early. On Thursday, Stacey Minchin and I once again hit the high way. We arrived at my aunt's house in Long Island around midnight and quickly fell asleep. The next morning we took the LIRR out to NYC for her interviews. One of her interviews was in the early afternoon and another was in the evening, we of course went shopping in between! I found the perfect dress for Miss NY week!! Unfortunately, the man at the store wouldn't let me try it on because it was wholesale only... if we only knew this before we entered the store. That was a major bummer! (I will post pictures of our trip as soon as I get the cord for my camera!... all of the pictures on this post are complements of my new friend, Miss Central Florida Coast)

The next morning we headed back out to the city for a fun, yet LONG, day of pageants! The first pageant was Miss Manhattan, Greater Gotham, and Metropolitan.

Miss Manhattan: Jackie Holmes, Miss Metropolitan: Hannah Wright, Miss Greater Gotham: Amanda Mason

After the first three women were crowned, the fun was not over! The girls were frantically trying to get ready for their next pageant that would begin in an hour... I don't know how they didn't collapse from exhaustion.

Miss Greater NYC: Keelie Sheridan, Miss Liberty: Cassie Franklin, Miss Southeast NY: Claire Buffie, 1st RU: Stacey Minchin

Tara Sczczepanski and I during intermission

Congratulations to all of the competitors!! You were all awesome :D

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