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Monday, July 12, 2010

I am so...gullible

I must say I didn't get much CPA prep in this weekend, but this weekend's events were totally worth it. On Friday afternoon, Vicky Ripple and I met up at the Hyatt in Rochester with three other volunteers to begin judging the National American Miss Pageant (NAM). I have to admit that I am not someone that really follows any other pageantry organization other than the MAO, but NAM will now be on my radar. The pageants that I judged were the 4-5 yr olds, 6-7 yr olds, and 8-9 yr olds... and let me tell you, I was blown away. NAM searches for the girl that looks her age, is poised, confident, and well spoken. How would you know if a 4 year old is well spoken? We interviewed them....that's right, these girls start their interview training at FOUR!! I was expecting one word answers or some shy little ones to run out of the room crying, but it was the exact opposite. These young ladies pranced into the room in their little suits and spoke in complete sentences and with heart. The pageant was two days and that is a lot to ask of a little one! It was a phenomenal experience and I am so grateful to the NAM organization for allowing me to be a part of it. Congratulations to all of the contestants, you girls were great!

After the exhaustion of NAM, I slept half of Sunday away. But there was no fooling around on Monday, it was time to Get in the Game!! This was my second Get in the Game Monday, and the weather was so much more cooperative. In the morning we chilled inside and played Monopoly and pool, and then we headed outdoors for a game of kickball. I was silly and wore flip flops and kicked my shoe further than the ball.

I figured that since it was going to be such a warm day and that we didn't have access to a pool, that water balloons would be stellar! We started off with making really tiny water balloons which we had to carry on spoons in a relay race, and the switched to the balloon toss, and ended with an all out water balloon war. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun and it really got the kids excited and moving around (mission accomplished!), but there must be something really great about getting Amy soaked. Not only did I have the entire group of them chasing after me with their water balloons, but they also found it necessary to play a practical joke. As you know, balloon remains are not good for the environment, so I suggested that we all clean them up after the fight was over. Two of the boys walked over to me and said they had a bucket to put the balloons in. Now, if you were smart, you would look in the bucket to see if it was empty... I was not smart. I bent down to pick up a balloon at the perfect time for them to dump a bucket of ice cold water over my head... I was no longer soaked, but drenched. I will get them back next Monday.

The week ahead:

On Saturday I will be auditing the Monroe Country Fair Pageant where a contestant will be chosen to compete for Miss NY Outstanding Teen 2011 (Let me know if you know someone that would like to compete) and on Monday there is another Get in the Game Monday!

Until then... :)

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