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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Move it and Lose it!

I am very excited about a couple of ideas that I have recently brainstormed with the help of Calista. So on this Wednesday evening, instead of studying like I should be, I am going to share!

Program #1: What Moves You?

This program is for Elementary aged kids. When I was in 4th grade, we participated in a reading competition. Whichever class room had the highest total of after school reading hours, won a party. Sounds simple enough... so why not gear this idea towards physical fitness! According to experts, Kids only need one hour of physical activity a day! This can definitely be accomplished, especially if the kids are in a competition. The program would last for about a month and by the end, the hope would be that the children would turn the competition into a lifestyle. I have pitched this idea to a local elementary school (I even made a fun activity tracking sheet!) and am anxiously waiting to hear back. I will keep you posted!

Program #2: Move it and Lose it!

This program is going to be geared towards teens and adults. My platform is actually for kids, but I got in a heated debate with myself... (yeah it's possible to debate with yourself) over the idea of joining a gym right now and when the debate did not end how I wanted it to, I decided that I needed to come up with a plan. As much as I would LOVE to join a gym, I knew that my CPA studying schedule would cause this to be an unwise economical decision...aka I wouldn't have time to go to the gym. Now, I am ready to attack my critics that believe that I am already a small person and that I do not need to go to the gym. Here's the thing, being small means just that... you are small. By no means does that suggest that you are necessarily healthy or fit. So this program can be for EVERYONE!

Here is the deal. All you have to do is one small challenge every week. I will announce these challenges both on my facebook and through my blog. Some will be geared towards physical fitness, others will be geared towards nutrition, and maybe I can even throw in a few mental fitness challenges! I am going to do every single one of them, so if you feel like you are doing them alone, I can promise you that you are not! So here it goes... Move it and Lose it Challenge #1...

I Challenge You to: Pass up that close parking spot at the store/work/etc. Leave it for someone that actually needs it. Pretend like your car is a gem and park that baby in the back row!

P.S. this challenge can be altered for my city folks who use public transportation. Skip your usual entrance to the subway and walk to the next one. We all know it's only a few extra blocks! (Do not do this, I repeat, DO NOT DO THIS if you are alone at night -- this is a day time activity only :) I am a stage 4 worrier)

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