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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm sorry could you repeat that order please?

After work today, I traded my calculator for a cash register...same concept I thought... I can handle this. Wrong! I am the worst cashier in the history of cashiers and I discovered I am even worse at pouring beer from a tap. For example...

Customer: " I would like a red hot and a bottle of water"
Amy: "Coming right up!!"
Customer: "Isn't that a white hot... and I asked for water...not soda"

But hey... A+ for trying is the motto at Home Plate! (Okay I just made that motto up, but I needed a self-esteem booster).

So what is Home Plate you ask (just amuse me)? Home Plate is the concession stand at the Rochester Red Wings Minor League Baseball Field. The company has a great system in place that allows volunteers to run the stand. When I first heard about this, I thought, why would I want to volunteer at a baseball game...who is that helping besides a concession stand to make more profit from not paying employees? Well it helps kids Get in the Game!!! Home Plate donates 5% of the evenings profit to a not for profit organization. Tonight, I was serving hot dogs and pouring beer (cough.. foam.. cough) to raise money for Two Doors. Two Doors is a community resource center for kids in Rochester, NY. A few of the many programs at Two Doors are a Healthy Highway, which teaches kids about wellness and nutrition, Cultural Arts, which allows for hands on creative thinking and learning, and Family Outreach, which gets the entire family involved for a night of healthy eating and festive activities.

With my friend Melissa....mmm look at those fries!

This was such a fun event and as much as I would have liked to be serving hot dogs in my crown and sash to represent the Miss America Organization.. it just did not seem to fit the health code regulations :)

Later this week I will be judging the National American Miss Pageant... stay tuned!

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