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Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week's Festivities

Friday was a very forgetful day for me.
Forgetful event #1: Setting my alarm so that I could wake up and study...darn.
Forgetful event #2: I forgot to mapquest where Batavia was (I thought it was 20 minutes away, but it was in fact 45 minutes away), resulting in me being twenty minutes behind schedule. YET, I still made it on time because I have OCD when it comes to being punctual, therefore, me being 20 minutes behind = me still being 5 minutes early.
Forgetful event #3: Due to my freaking out about being behind schedule, I left my crown and sash on the counter :(

So after I was done forgetting everything, I found myself at the 2010 Genesee County Fair Queen Pageant, put toghether by our very own Vicky Ripple! Vicky has been so wonderful to me this year and she always keeps me posted on eventthat I could help out at! This year's pageant was my emcee debut! It was a lot of fun and I may have recruited a few more Miss Finger Lakes Candidates!

I was feeling much better this Monday so it was time for another Get in the Game Monday! Unfortunately, we had another crummy weather morning, so we spent most of it inside playing 27 games of guess who. Once the weather cleared we headed outside for a game of four square. I let the kids pick the activity today and of course it had to be a game I had never played before. But, shockingly, I wasn't horrible at it!

In an earlier post, I discussed how the average child spends 7.5 hours a day in front of some form of screen (comp, tv, cell phone, etc.). I wanted to share a wonderful rule that has now been implemented at the youth center that I volunteer at. Each child must sign up for computer and video game time and is only allowed two, fifteen minute, time slots on each. Let's do the math - That is one hour of screen time!! While we cannot control what the kids do when they are at home, my friends and I at the youth center are taking a stand for change and a more active lifestyle!

The week ahead:
Next week will be another Get in the Game Monday. As of right now I am planning on taking this week as a hard core study week for my CPA examination, as my first test is quickly approaching!

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